Tracking Amazon sales from Facebook ads is hard. 
Introducing the first-ever tool to solve the problem. 
Finally, are you ready to effectively amplify Amazon with outside traffic?

ZonTracker users processed $500,000+ per month in Amazon sales
Track sales in ANY of these scenarios

1. Ad directly to Amazon.
2. Ad to your website.
3. See's ad. Google's your brand.
4. See’s ad but never clicks,
     searches for you on Amazon!
5. Social proof. Promote when
     others talk about you.
6. Let FB optimize.
    2-step or redirect/rotator.
7. Anything else. No URL in ad.   
     Chatbots, Review funnel, etc.
     Amazon sales will be tracked! 
Need to see if I can get a quote from RDM or JTC
CEO of x
Top 10 business podcast in the world
As the first ever tool at what it does, it's finally released outside of private masterminds.
Need to see if I can get a quote from RDM or JTC
CEO of x
Top 10 business podcast in the world

For any Amazon brand

Per Month

    Full ZonTracker Access
   1 Amazon account
   1 Facebook Business account
Small Call to Action Headline
Other plans?

 14 day free trial - Starter only, then $25/month
$10/month - Lite - Lowest performance (works but not recommended)
$39/month - Pro - Better match/server than Starter
What is attribution?
Amazon sales are attributed to FB ads by matching customer through Amazon + FB developers API. Attribution varies for each unique Amazon account. For example, one seller can see 50% match rate while another can see 90%, both being on STARTER plan. 

Most orders process instantly but speed (within 0-8 hours) and quality of data improves at higher pricing plans (only 5-10% match rate increase).
Which plan is for me?
STARTER plan has 100% functionality. 

PREMIUM has more accounts and  (our top 20% of users get this plan).
Yev leads the marketing department at world-recognized brand HEROCLIP. 

He created the first-of-its-kind ZonTracker to solve a problem internally. 

After discovering demand from mastermind peers, Yev made the software accessible for anyone.
 Yev Marusenko, Ph.D.
Director of Ecommerce & Growth Analytics at HEROCLIP® 
Why Yev's story is relevant to you?
A YouTube video in 2015 woke up Yev. He quit his academic career as a leading biogeochemist & sustainability expert to start learning business and marketing.  
Using his knowledge of experimental testing and data analysis, he cracked the Facebook advertising code and Amazon algorithm. He shares insights in other FB groups many of us are in.
Yev has presented at the same events and podcasts as our favorite leaders... Russell Brunson, Ezra Firestone, and the really good-looking Ryan Daniel Moran...
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